Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Sentinels Whisper Anonymously

A funny thing happened while dumpster diving in the archives of Sentinel Whispers, the anti-growth/anti-property rights blog run by the anonymous “GateKeeper.”

A security login window popped up on my screen with asking for the login and password for the server.

Of course, that server is the home page for Citizens for Greater Centreville, run by Dan Worth. A quick look at Dan Worth’s Facebook page shows that his email address is

Citizens for Greater Centreville, also appears to be a conduit organization for contributions to Jay Falstad’s employer the Queen Anne’s Conservation Fund. The CGC membership application form directs applicants to make checks to QACA.

Also, Dan Worth just happens to be next door neighbor to serial straw man killer Sveinn Storm.

Given the login popup window and Worth’s email extension it’s not a stretch to say Dan Worth is the mysterious “Gatekeeper.”

Why would Worth want to act anonymously? Perhaps it is because in 2006 Worth resigned from the Centreville Planning Commission after sending emails impersonating then Town Council President Donna Turner’s name.

According to a Dec. 31 Maryland State Police investigation report, Worth set up an e-mail account with Verizon using Turner’s name. He sent an e-mail using the address, donna.smith.turner, to two other people, according to the report.

Turner said she does not have an e-mail address.

The incident allegedly occurred Sept. 21 and a police report was filed Dec. 3. Turner said she was given a copy of the e-mail.

On Sept. 21, an e-mail allegedly from Turner was sent to Sveinn Storm and Larry Mort that read: “I can’t believe that you guys are spreading lies that I am somehow going to resign. I do not need this kind of pressure. My grandmother died less than
two months ago and now my grandfather is in poor health. I plan on continuing my term and doing all that I can to make sure that Dan Worth does not get elected.” It was signed Donna S. Turner President, Centreville Town Council.

Mort’s wife, Jodi, replied to the e-mail from the Turner account (allegedly set up by Worth) on Sept. 22. Copies of Jodi Mort’s reply were sent to Worth, Storm, and Centreville Town Council Vice President Mary T. McCarthy. McCarthy sent copies of the e-mails to Town Manager Royden N. Powell III with a message that read, “Just received this today and thought you should be aware of this.” The postscript said, “(p.s. my opinion, off the record: she should have kept dan out of it- he didn’t start it)….”

During a phone interview by Maryland State Police on Dec. 19, Worth said the e-mail was a joke. According to the police report, Worth was asked if he intended to make Turner “look bad and to drag her name through the mud, ‘He said ‘Yea, I guess.’


Worth and his wife are also avid supporters of noted birther, U.S. Senate candidate, and current county commissioner, Eric Wargotz.

An ally of QACA, Wargotz introduced county ordinance 08-25, legislation that is an affront to property rights and would have removed the intrinsic value in their land that farmers use to borrow against in order to finance their operations. It should be noted QACA offered a “report” with cooked statistics to justify 08-25

Worth’s wife Temple, is treasurer of Wargotz’s campaign committee, which according to FEC filings has paid the couple $4,600 for consulting and computer services. No wonder they’re such big Wargotz fans.

Trolling through Wargotz’s contribution receipts reveals large donations from anti-growth money men Alan Griffith and Leland Brendsel, and anti-growth commisoner candidate Bob Simmons.

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